The Wallspace Collective Launches

The Wallspace Collective Launches

I’ve collaborated with two other artists from Newcastle, Annie Everingham and Lucille Jean to curate a collection of high quality, open edition art prints. Newcastle is a city undergoing some pretty rapid growth and revitalisation at the moment as it fast becomes home to an incredible scene of artists, makers, and creative start ups. To work along side these two talents to release this range is certainly an honour.

We wanted to celebrate this hive of creativity and emerging talent that Newcastle has to offer by creating a range with everyday art & design lovers in mind. We also wanted to create a unique market place for customers to purchase high end wall art at affordable prices, making it easier to style your special spaces with real art, by real artists – for less.

Each print showcased and sold in this collective is a high quality reproduction of the artist’s original painting. The artworks are printed onto fine art paper to archival standard, at the same level of quality found in a limited release.

My admissions Pink Moon and Kingsley are from my latest body or work and are available now to order via my website in 'Framed Prints'

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