SOJOURN Exhibition Launches

SOJOURN Exhibition Launches

It was so great to return to the walls of Jumbled for my second exhibition in Orange. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to visit this beautiful part of NSW and finally meet the team at Jumbled. 

I packed up the car with 16 artworks (well, 14 as I accidently left two behind) and made my way through the Bylong Valley to Orange. The missing two made their way via courier after.

Sojourn Exhibition description:

"Yearning for an overseas getaway has made me dream of travels of the past. These 16 works are visual mementos of foreign journeys and the experiences had.  I hope you can join me in escaping into these painted postcards and sojourn in each colour filled moment. So pour a sangria, relax and take flight into these works inspired by travels to Mexico, Croatia and Spain. Salud!"


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